On a semi-related note to the last post, Sam has also had a pretty big month. After a six month hiatus from rope toys (the last one resulted in a rough week for him and a $200 bill at the vet), he got a new one. He made it about a week before it was taken away because he tore it into a million pieces. Here’s a picture of him at the beginning of that relationship:

He’s also gotten bored with his normal chewing of tags on blankets and clothing, and has moved on to other paper products.

The top progress he’s made, though, is his escape from the backyard. (Don’t worry, he’s now tied up to the deck every time he goes outside which he protests by walking as slow as possible at all times because he’s restrained, only after he gets himself stuck because the rope is trapped between the pieces of wood on the deck floor.)

If anyone has ever wanted to capture a hilarious video of me, his first adventure to the neighbor’s yard was a missed opportunity. Not only did he stop, turn, look, and then run the opposite direction when his name was called, but when I finally managed to trick him into coming near me (shout out to the middle school neighbor girl who helped), he refused to move. Fast-forward to three minutes later when I was straddled over him, front paws in my hands while he walked on his back legs.
It’d be a cute, funny story if we walked that way the rest of the trip back to the house. Unfortunately, he’s really good at plopping down on his stomach so that I can’t even drag him without hurting myself. He did mix it up every once in a while, and flipped to his back and looked at me longingly to rub his belly.
I managed to get him back into the house. It took us a half hour to walk a hundred feet. But I realized two beautiful things:
  1. I live Marley & Me every single day, and I regret all the times I wished I had a yellow lab puppy because they’re so cute and couldn’t possibly be as wild as Marley.
  2. I did not miss my calling as a puppy sitter.


This month went so much faster than I wanted it to! The only reason I know that is that it’s been almost exactly a month since I last blogged. I’d be more upset about it if I didn’t know it’s because I spent a month actually living life. My goal was to turn into a serious blogger with this, but I think that I’m going to be okay with the avoidance if it happens. I think I should be more grateful for enjoying what I’m actually doing in the moment rather than focusing on how I’m going to post about it on a blog.

That being said… I need to talk about this last month. I tried to come up with a word that summarized everything that’s happened for the title of this post. Clearly I didn’t succeed in the creativity. But in terms of what March actually brought I could use any of these:
  • discovery
  • happiness
  • comfort
  • enjoyment
  • excitement
  • rejuvenate
  • laughter
  • release
  • cherish

None of these words really did the whole month justice. I feel like the only thing that could capture all of those things was the month itself.

I started a long-term substitute teaching position in a building with phenomenal support. My colleagues are fantastic, and the kids are brilliant in pretty much every sense of the word. I laugh more during the day than I thought possible, and within days I felt like I belonged in this environment that will always be the place I remember as my first “big girl job.” I didn’t anticipate feeling as at-home as I do. I also hadn’t realized how much I missed being in front of my own classroom. I’m looking forward to next fall when I can decorate how I want, organize how I want, and take complete ownership of what’s going on. But I love that I again spend every spare second during the day grading. Again, I’ll openly brag about how lucky I am to have found a profession I love as much as I do on the first try. The fact that I missed it after only two months away shows how enjoyable my future will continue to be.
I’ve continued to meet really great people this month. I found comfort in the wise words of women who belong to my sorority’s alum club in Milwaukee. My fire was reignited by some passionate people in the world of education. I had my first encounters with a handful of people I hope will continue to be a large part of my life in the future. I shook hands, I smiled, I laughed, I asked questions, I remembered how much I love interacting with people.
I spent time outside! The sun was bright in March. The grass seems greener than I ever remember it being (maybe because I didn’t get to witness the progression of spring the last few years), and I’ve loved every time the bottoms of my feet were stained with chlorophyll.
I made a pretty solid March Madness bracket. I want to put it in writing now because the Final Four/Championship will not go nearly as well for me.
I ran into an old teacher/coach from middle school and high school a couple weeks ago. Halfway through our conversation he said, “things must be going well, you seem really happy.” It was awesome. Because I am. And I’m really grateful for moments like this to remind me that it’s something to cherish.
Cheers to the first quarter of 2012 being everything I imagined and more. I’m looking forward to whatever April brings!