Just a couple pictures to show Sam’s latest accomplishments…

So looking forward to the day where the puppy mishaps are over. Love a cute dog regardless, but I love them more when they just lay on my lap and don’t chew everything to pieces. 

mac and cheese pizza.

For the last few months, J and I have consistently ordered mac and cheese pizza from a restaurant in town. We tried it the first time because he had a gift card; then we used up the gift card, but still got it because we were into the routine (and loved two of our favorite foods being brought together in one). I’m all about saving a buck or two, so I decided to look up a recipe and see if we could recreate something close.

GREAT NEWS: We created something better.

I started with the recipe I found here (naturally drawn to the twenty-something girls who created this as a shout-out to Ian’s Pizza in Madison) but made some changes. I had no clue what creme fraiche was, so instead decided to grab alfredo sauce. Fantastic choice.

Maybe the best part about our own version of one of our new favorite foods was that we used whole wheat crust and whole wheat noodles. Score one for the good guys!

the windy city.

The fact that it’s taken me a week to blog about this makes me a little frustrated. But such is life. Literally.

I spent Easter weekend in Chicago. It was fantastic. I didn’t realize how badly I needed to spend a few days not thinking about any of my responsibilities until I woke up in a hotel and could do whatever I wanted. I’m hopeful (maybe unrealistically) that I can have weekend getaways more often as I turn into an actual person.

We stayed on Michigan Avenue right across the street from Grant Park; the view from our window was beautiful. It also made me realize how much I want to live close to water. Here’s hoping.

On Friday, we took a tour of Wrigley Field. I had only been there once before, which I still find strange considering I’m a Cubs fan and only live two hours away. The tour was really interesting; I think it’s helpful probably that it’s such a historic place. I hadn’t ever really understood how big of a deal the park was until I was looking at the first concession stand ever created (people couldn’t always eat a hot dog and drink a beer at a baseball game?!)

It was pretty neat to see how many changes have happened in this ballpark over the course of the last hundred years. I’m a little worried that they won’t continue to figure out ways to make those things happen for much longer so the appeal of the place will be gone. Regardless of what the future holds for Wrigley, it was exciting to learn so much of its past.

Friday night included a dinner at Gino’s East (my first deep dish pizza ever!) and a show at The Second City. HIGHLY recommended! It was nice to also have an excuse to explore a neighborhood that wouldn’t have been on the radar otherwise.

Saturday was a day of recovery… I still wish I’d have had the energy to explore the city two nights in a row, but I definitely struggled to stay awake past 9:00 Saturday night – nothing new there. We did take the day to walk down Michigan Avenue and hang out in Millennium Park for a while though.

Overall the weekend was great. We managed to navigate driving around the city pretty fantastically when we needed to, but parking definitely cost an arm and a leg. Note to self: never drive to the city again, especially when there’s a train 20 minutes away that costs $5 roundtrip on weekends.