Holy smokes do I have much less free time than I thought I would this school year! School’s been great, and I love the people I work with, but I have been completely exhausted every day. I’ve made it my goal to let Saturday be a day of doing what I want to instead of work, mostly because if I didn’t tell myself that on a weekly basis, I’d end up working 7 days a week without any problem.

Yesterday was one of our more exciting Saturdays yet! I got a text from an old teacher Friday night that she had extra tickets to see President Obama speak in Milwaukee Saturday afternoon. Obviously I took her up on it and grabbed two right away.

Josh and I ended up about a mile and a half back in line (if not a little more) when we got there at a little after 2:00. The doors opened at 2:30. I think we finally moved forward at about 3:15. For those of you who know Milwaukee, the line started at the south entrance of Summerfest grounds and wrapped around Discovery World. We were just ahead of the Calatrava on the art museum, but the line almost stretched to where the yacht club storage is at the point when we last looked. The good news is that we were by some really friendly people and I got a few good pictures of stereotypical Milwaukee lakefront things.

Once we started moving, we cruised. But by the time we got inside, we had missed Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett speaking. We did get to see the last few minutes of Wisconsin’s out-going senator, Herb Kohl, and Democratic candidate for senator, Tammy Baldwin.

This was Josh’s view of Tammy Baldwin:

This was mine:

Needless to say, we discovered what different perspectives we have while in a crowded place for the first time. Once President Obama began speaking, I was on Josh’s back to be able to see.

I didn’t get teary-eyed as much as the couple times I saw him speak in 2008, or when I watch him on TV (he can pull at my emotions pretty well), but my tear ducts were struggling when he mentioned federal loans making a Marquette education possible.

I was SO grateful for our spot when the rain started. If we had been six inches back or to the right, we’d have been soaked.

I’m totally psyched for November after yesterday. I have this weird love for America when it comes to being able to vote, and having the opportunity to be in the same venue as the leader of the free world again reminded me exactly why.


catch up.

SO much has happened since I last posted on here… and I still haven’t finished recapping Disney World yet! The whole working thing now that school is starting is obviously weighing in on my blog time. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back in the swing of things once I’m used to a normal school schedule again. Here’s a quick recap of the last few weeks…

I ran my first 5k! I was running all summer, mostly sticking to my training schedule but missing a few days here and there. I went in to the race itself thinking we were going to walk instead of run because my eating schedule that day got screwed up and I didn’t want to be carried away in a stretcher. But once we started going, I realized that if I ran I would get to eat dinner sooner. That was all the motivation I needed. I finished in about a half hour, which isn’t incredibly impressive for 3 miles, but is at least a starting point.

We started leaving Sam out of his kennel this past week while we’ve been going to inservice during the day. Monday-Thursday he did a great job and was waiting at the door when I got home. I think he was a little lonely during the daytime, but that was about all. Friday, though, we decided we’d go out for fish in Milwaukee for dinner. Josh had been home with Sam all afternoon, so we thought he could probably handle the couple hours we’d be gone. We left him with a brand new bone from the meat case at the grocery store (so gross) and made bets about how much of it he’d have finished by the time we got back. After about four hours, we walked in the front door to this:

Little dude can open cabinets with his nose, which we knew. But now it’s time to dog-proof the place. He’s obviously much more capable of disaster than what we anticipated.

We went to the first Badger football game of the year this past weekend. My grandparents have season tickets, but since my grandpa’s become pretty immobile, they passed on going this weekend and offered the tickets to us. We got there just before kickoff because of a bit of a traffic disaster we didn’t anticipate, and were both close to eating our own arms off because we were so hungry.

Wisconsin didn’t play incredibly well. They’re coming off a pretty solid year and lost a dream of a quarterback, so it’ll be interesting to see what they can make happen this season. They won the game though, which is what really counts in the end.

Last but definitely not least, Sam’s mom had puppies! We happened to be going to his breeders’ house for a Labor Day party, and I was crossing my fingers and toes that the litter would be born by the time we got there. Sure enough, I got to see my very first newborn pups. They couldn’t even open their eyes yet! It’s hard to believe Sam was that size just over a year ago, and that he too once sounded like a whining baby. If he was a little older and school wasn’t starting, I would have been picking out my own when I was sitting next to those nine little cuties. Instead, I just took a whole lot of pictures. 

Sam didn’t get to meet his new little brothers and sisters, but he did have fun hanging out with one of them who’s the same age. 
The first day of school is tomorrow (eek!) and I have so much work to do today it’s embarrassing. Hopefully I’ll post about the rest of my Disney trip before October. If not, I’ll get to it eventually I suppose. 
Happy end of summer, folks!