october. in a nutshell.

By October I mean the end of September, all of October, and the start of November.

But who cares about specifics, really?

My free time has been lacking. And the little that I do have is time that I don’t want to spend recapping things instead of doing them. Today, though, I don’t have school because of conferences the past two nights.

So here’s the last [almost] two months of my life in a photo montage…

Sam spent a few nights at the Bark Park.

Josh’s nephew turned three.

We did a fundraiser walk for the local animal shelter…

…where Sam proved he likes being the only one in pictures.

Katie got married. 

Sam and Chance adjusted poorly to being alone all day. They now need as much attention as possible when one or both of us are home. 

We took Josh’s parents on their first Lakefront tour (and I didn’t think to get pictures commemorating it for them…oops!).

I reunited with my Pi Phi family. 

Trick-or-treaters fell in love with Chance.

I reunited with these lovely ladies on a weekend trip to Minneapolis. 

Last, but not least…

...and my boy Barack won. Holler. 

I can’t believe it’s already almost Thanksgiving! I’m excited for the holiday season, and in awe that 2012 is already near its end.

Cheers to a fun-filled end of the year!