king james.

Last night we went to the Bucks-Heat game in Milwaukee. The game was fantastic, and the Bucks actually won!

The tickets were one of my Christmas presents for Josh. I was surprised at how close they were though; I guess I haven’t been in the Bradley Center in a long enough time to remember what the layout is.

It was cool to see such big-name players in person. LeBron James is ENORMOUS.


movie gold.

You guys. Les Miserables was SO good, I cannot even tell you.

I cried, and cried, and laughed, and cried… It was completely impressive, and they really lost nothing in terms of the stage performance transferring to a big screen. Kudos to everyone who was involved.

Also, last night after going to see the movie with my mom, I went out to celebrate two of my friends from high school getting engaged this past weekend. An extra bonus: someone special, who we haven’t seen since Summer 2007 when she went back to Argentina, stopped by! (Palo’s the one in the middle)

merry christmas.

This is what our Christmas looked like…

We spent Christmas Eve at Josh’s parents’ house where we watched Christmas Vacation as part of their family tradition. Unfortunately, his brother and crew weren’t there because he was working and his wife and son went to her parents’ a few hours away. But it was a nice new addition to my Christmas nonetheless. And as a bonus, I introduced them to Disney’s Very Merry Christmas Parade on Christmas morning… I’m not sure they were nearly as excited as I was.

We brought Sam home and then went to my grandparents’ house for Christmas “dinner” in the afternoon. I think Josh enjoyed his first experience with my grandma and grandpa’s grab-bag game. Although we both got a little lesson in being greedy when we put our $10 bills back in the bag in hopes of getting the $50 or $100 and instead came out with $5.

After leaving my dad’s family, we came home to give Sam and Chance some attention and open our gifts to each other before heading to my parents’ house. Both four-legged guys got a gift, and I got Josh a “Gone Squatchin'” coffee mug and tickets to the Bucks-Heat game this coming Saturday. He got me a full Project Life kit, which I’m SUPER excited about!

He and I also started a new tradition of our own that I found on Pinterest. We came up with a list of our favorite memories of 2012 and wrote them on a big ornament to go on our tree. I think it’ll be exciting to look back at these each Christmas in the future to see what we found to be highlights each year.

We went to my parents’ house for an actual dinner, where we ate, opened more gifts, and watched some hoops.

I think this was just about the best Christmas I ever had, despite the fact that I didn’t wake up in my childhood bedroom for the first time since I can remember. I hope that everyone else involved enjoyed it as much as I did, and I’m looking forward to spending the next week off of school with many of them.

one little word.

I started using the one little word” concept in 2012 instead of attempting any sort of New Year’s resolutions.

It was fantastic. And much more effective than any sort of specific goal has ever been for me.

I decided to use this concept for an assignment with my seniors. I was hoping a few of them would come up with good words after reading through the idea and that maybe one of those few would actually use it for some deep reflection and take it forward in 2013. It might seem silly to consider 1/63 a success, but I like to prepare myself to not be disappointed.

I couldn’t believe the words they came up with!

A number of them were absent the day we did this (because of some serious weather issues), and we had a snow day on the day they were going to write their short essay about why they chose the words they did. However, as a starting point, I’m so unbelievably happy and excited about where this could go.

I created a Wordle with the words of the students who were actually there so that they can see what their classmates chose. For anyone who doesn’t know how Wordle works, words appear larger as they’re typed more frequently. Those that are bigger in the image were typed in the most times.

I told them that “cherish” was my word for 2012 and wrote a sample essay for them about why I chose the word I did for 2013. I plan to write a more thorough reflection on how cherish impacted my year as a whole and explain my goals for the next twelve months in the next few days.

I’m excited for a few days of Christmas celebration, especially now that we have snow on the ground. I haven’t really embraced the typical December attitude, so I’m hoping that we can make it happen in full force over the course of the next few days. Lots of Christmas music playing at our house from here on out!