project life : week 2.

Week 2’s layout obviously tied together much more clearly than week 1.


I was actually really glad to have something like Project Life for this week. The loss of a loved one and everything ceremonial that comes with that is certainly not something most people would think to put in a scrapbook format. I actually really liked being able to put my grandpa’s obituary and the program that was out at the services in a place like this album. It turned the whole thing into more of a tribute than anything.

I also really liked being able to write out how the week went and what my initial feelings were (the cards on the left that are blurred). It was real. And it seemed so much more appropriate than putting a newspaper and program into a drawer or box in the basement.

As far as the rest of the blurring goes in this picture, the last names of J’s players on the roster and the details about my employment are removed. Not much journaling this week, but there were enough details without doing so I think.


project life : week 1.

I’ve read a lot about how people do their Project Life albums, and have been totally inspired to one day have great things happening in my own. What I like most in terms of layout is going through the week (Monday-Sunday) left to right. I included Sunday as the last day of the week because I figured that would be the day when I did each week’s page. We also tend to think of our weeks starting on Monday with the work-week, so it just seemed fitting.


The picture in the top left corner is from NYE. The fantastic thing that has already come from this experience is that J has started to take selfies with me. I’m not sure if it’s because he knows they won’t be put on Twitter, or if he just has decided it’s not worth the hassle anymore, but we’re getting a lot of good, real pictures for this album. I love it.

One big thing this project has started to teach me is how to use a different photo editing program than iPhoto. I’ve never done anything more than crop, straighten, and enhance photos, and they’ve never been any other size than 4×6. After doing some research, I decided to download a program called Gimp. I’m not quite ready to invest the cash into photoshop yet, but maybe someday I’ll make that happen too.

This entire Project Life situation is going to be quite the learning curve, but I’m excited about the things that it’s forced me to do already. A lot of the pictures in week 1 are blurry. I thought about going back to change them when I figured out better how to crop/print the photos I wanted. But, I also kind of like how awful the whole thing looks. Ideally, I’ll get to week 52 and laugh at the change that’s happened over the course of the year. If nothing else, the whole album will at least be a good recap of how I’ve grown in terms of my taking pictures (and condensing everything I have to say about an experience to a small journaling card!).

project life : album cover.

Excited about how I’ve been keeping track of 2013 so far. Unfortunately, I haven’t put it up on the blog like I planned. Slowly but surely, I’ll make that happen.

Here’s the cover page of the first album (I may end up needing multiple for the year):


(I blurred out where J and I work to keep a little bit of privacy)

I love it so far. It’s a super easy way to keep track of every day occurrences without getting bogged down in the complications of traditional scrapbooking. The nice thing, too, is that when I fall behind, I at least have the habit of putting post-its where I want things to go so that I can remember when I come back to it and it’s still “genuine” from the week being documented.