project life : week 5.

This whole project has started to really grow on me…


Nothing terribly special about this week, but I can say that one of my favorite things it lets me see is how much time J and I actually spend together. During the week it seems like we’re living totally separate lives, but when I put together this layout every Sunday, it makes me realize how “together” we really were.


project life : week 4.

Once again, nothing terribly exciting in week 4.

DSCN2490It’s kind of fun to see what ends up being in here, because usually I don’t think of what will make the cut as I take photos throughout the week. I’ve tried to keep some consistency from week to week, though. There are a couple basketball recaps each layout, and I feel like if I do the same things on those cards it will tie the album together  a bit. That might just be me… 🙂


project life : week 3.


Nothing too special about this week. A lot of journaling. Not many photos. It’s interesting to see how the weeks switch between which is more prominent. I’m not sure which I prefer. I really like the look of photos more than journal cards, but I think down the road I might be more grateful for all the writing.

We’ll see, I suppose!