one. week. left.

This is the last weekend of the school year. Which is crazy. But also kind of fantastic. Because even though I’m teaching summer school, I’ll truly have “me time” for the first time in nine months. This means I’ll blog again. It also means that I’ll do about three months of Project Life to make up for not once play rehearsals started taking over my life (oops).

But I just saw this quote during my Pinterest break from grading (I’ve already been grading long enough at 8am on a Saturday that I’m taking a break). I felt the need to post it because a year and change ago, I did this. And everyone was more than willing to tell me they thought it was a bad idea. But holy smokes I am so unbelievably happy because of that one choice. So many amazing things have happened because of that one choice. I’ve gained experiences and people and memories that I couldn’t imagine not having, and I am so, so, so grateful that I went with my gut instead of my logic for the first time.

So, cheers, friends. To an unbelievably challenging and rewarding nine months of teaching: round one. To what will be a completely fantastic three months of summer. And to all of the things worth celebrating that I haven’t even yet imagined.