WE’RE ENGAGED!!! (and have been for almost a month, which is why my super great idea of a mini-post every day stopped almost immediately)


We were walking Sam by the lake, as we normally do, and I was yapping my ear off, as I normally do, and we got to an open area where Josh stopped. He told me that he had two confessions: 1. the weekend trip to Chicago a few days later, which had been planned for months, was a celebration trip (this is the point where I started wondering who in the crew we were going with had something to celebrate); 2. this walk with Sam wasn’t just a typical walk by the lake.

I almost died. Obviously I felt it necessary to verbalize this feeling and told him that my heart just sank to my stomach. Good thing I can handle serious moments so un-awkwardly.

He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. And it was perfect. And I was the most excited I think I’ve ever been in my life. And I was still in work out clothes from an hour before. And I kept looking at my hand in shock. And I realized that 50 years from now I’ll still be wearing the same one. And I forgot that a wedding was even part of the ordeal. And I realized how truly happy I am to be officially starting a life together.

We called his parents and went to see mine. We had ice cream and about two sips of champagne (which had been in our fridge for WAY too long) to celebrate. We watched an episode of Sons of Anarchy. It was the most normal night of my life, and it wasn’t at all.

It was perfect.



school decor.


At my school, there is a planning room for each department where all the teachers have a work station. They’re made of this funky-colored blue fabric (the top half is magnetic and the bottom half is made for push-pins) that I used all of last year but decided I wanted to change for 2013-2014.

I bought some purple fabric from JoAnn’s and spent two hours attaching it with LOTS of duct tape. Since I’ll have a classroom this year, I could move a number of things from my desk in this room to my desk in the room. It’s not nearly as cramped anymore, which is something I’m also really into.

brewers game.


Last night we went to the Brewers-Nationals game with most of my dad’s family for my uncle’s 50th birthday. The game wasn’t that exciting, but we all got a $10 voucher on our way into the stadium (thanks, Ryan Braun!).

It was fun to do something different from usual with all of these guys!





I think Sam likes Summer more than we do. Lots of adventures for the three of us together! (And lots of chances for me to become even better at self-timer photography)

back in action.


I created again. Which makes me feel like summer is actually a thing in my life (now that it’s August). And it’s wonderful.


I’ve exercised consistently since the school year ended. Which is even more wonderful.

Life is good.