one little word.

A year ago, I knew there would be hardships in 2013. My grandpa’s health was very poor and a number of Josh’s relatives were also struggling. I thought hard about what would help me get through what I knew was coming and some things I didn’t anticipate; I decided my one little word for 2013 would be FAITH.

While my original intention was to explore my faith in terms of my relationship with God, the word took on new meanings as I continued through the year. I found myself giving up the feeling that I needed to be in control of everything for it to work out how I wanted; I started having faith in those around me to do what they were supposed to. In my personal relationships, I had faith in others supporting decisions I made and trusting them to work out how I did. I had faith that the students who made me crazy would eventually get it, even if I didn’t get to see it happen. My trust in people grew, and it caused my faith in destiny and good things happening to people who are genuinely good to grow as well.

It worked. It got me through rough patches and times of greatness. I felt lighter because of it.

But over the last few weeks, I’ve tried to really reflect. Did I do everything I sought to do when it came to FAITH in 2013? Did I choose this word a year ago because I thought it sounded nice and that it would maybe be something I’d jump on board with over the course of the next twelve months? Did I push myself to grow in a way that I should have at an age where growth is okay awesome? During the last 365 days, I did FAITH, but I did it the easy way. The passive way.

What I really need in 2014, not just in my faith journey, but in every aspect of my life is to be more active. I don’t mean exercising (although that will also be part of my year). I mean choosing to do something and really doing it. With work. With family. With friends. With Josh.

I decided on my one little word for the next year before looking up the definition. After seeing all aspects of it, I’m even more confident that it fits perfectly for where I want to be after the next 365 days: 

Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 9.23.55 AMHere’s to full COMMITment in all aspects of my life in 2014!


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