life. currently.

Tomorrow is the official start of fourth quarter at school (where the H did the last three quarters of a school year go?!). I’m completely overwhelmed in both a good and bad stressful way.

Yesterday I had my first dress fitting (at which point I think I truly realized¬†BAH! We’re getting married!!!!).

Last week we started our routine of Sunday morning walks in LG with Sam. Today the lake path was lacking enough when it comes to mud and puddles that we made three miles happen and it was perfect.

It’s sunny out. Well not now. Right now it’s 9:21 pm and while at some point this year it will be almost-still-sunny at this time of the night, it isn’t yet. But during the day. Yesterday AND today. It was sunny out. And it was glorious.

I’m feeling my cabin fever slowly but surely lift itself, and I’m getting SO psyched for so many awesome things ahead.

In short…

Welcome, April. I couldn’t be happier to see you.¬†